My final proyect


 My Final Project: Podcasts for language learning Title: My future profession.

 Level: Young Adult beginners. 

Aim: Describe students´future profession.

 Activity Focus: Consolidate grammar content for A2 and B1 language standards (writing / speaking / listening). 

 Time: 3-5 minutes podcast presentation. 

 Material: Computer with access to internet / headphones.

 Procedure: Teacher will ask students to make a podcast where they describe their future career. Through a tutorial video, the teacher will explain the basics to set up a podcast account in Vocaroo which is one of the easiest services. Students will work on a essay or presentation. In this task, they will talk about their job description, duties or responsibilities, relation with other carers, salary range, work possibilities, area or environment where this job takes place, etc. In groups during class hours, students will gather information to create this presentation. They will decide on the layouts, designs, fonts, images, text and other multimedia. Teacher will provide advice or feedback on grammar, spelling, and discourse coherence during class time around the groups. Teacher will provide a rubric for self-assessment on doing this project. Students will do this presentation in groups (preferable), after which, they will post it on the online class forum. Each member of the group will take part on describing through voice comment (Vocaroo). As every group will set their own “voicethread” on the class forum, other students may be able to voice-comment as well. Teacher will evaluate this task according to the rubric. This task will require 3 weeks. One for presentation of task, another for task preparation and a final week for presentation. Due date for submission will be established.

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